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Oskar Alvarado
Freelance illustrator and comic artist from Guadalajara Jalisco, México
Since child, I had in my soul an uncontrollable attraction for dark and macabre things. The books of Edgar Allan Poe and Horacio Quiroga and the illustrations of Gustav Doré marked my life forever. Later, my discovery of the art work by Edward Gorey, Tim Burton and Ann Rice, they filled my head of images and ambiences, to my taste and to seem, perfect for me.

It is strange that generally I dress in orange colors and my friends are in general happy and extrovert people. My parents since I remember, complain for having a rare and different child.

I have realized movies, music and comics about vampires, monsters , fears and fantasies that the majority of the people thinks " dark " and "bad taste". For me, this themes are always an inexhaustible source of inspiration and beauty. That's why, it is not rare that my work is full of influences of Burton, Gorey, Sopor Aeternus and Marilyn Manson. I believe that I see all this with the look of a child who does not stop marvelling for the unknown and strange things.

Now, it is a pleasure for me, to show my most recent work as illustrator. Doing a small homage to all my influences and my heroes. To my fears and my happy moments. Graphical Medicine For Twisted Souls, is my prescription for all the people like me. People who enjoy the corners without light and the rainy nights full of shadows.

I work on my studio in Guadalajara city (Mexico). Is a very calm place and I like to work under the warm yellow light. No windows on my studio and is full of little gifts and souvenirs from a lot of places and a lot of peoples.

I like the comics and animations about strange and weird people and I love the old mexican movies in B&W and the silent german movies. My favorite movies are EL ESQUELETO DE LA SEÑORA MORALES and ED WOOD.

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Moth-Eaten-Heart Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2012
Thank you for the watch, Oskar! I understand what you mean about "dark" art being an inspiration. People always tell me not to dwell on such negative things, but I can't help it! To me, these things are not depressing, but they greatly inspire me. I've learned to come to terms with being "different." Being different does not mean you have to be alone, there are people out there who appreciate the same things you do. :) Your work is beautiful, thank you for taking the time to look at my work. :hug:
namliveD Featured By Owner May 7, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
happy birthday :party:
sgrady Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2012   Traditional Artist
Your art is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing!
AzaenM Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the watch :'D
TheLaughingSandwich Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2011  Student Photographer
thankyou for the watch ! ! !
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